June 28, 2017

About the Band

About the Band


Started in the Spring of 2012, Fate of Eternity began as a group of friends playing Rock Band together. From there it went to garage. And in traditional high school band style, it went through several name changes. “Steel Valkyrie”, “Breaking Valor”, “Perfect Crime”, “The Assholes”, etc… We eventually settled on Fate of Eternity and whittled the lineup to the four of us.

And after 5 years, we’re still standing here. We’re making music and hoping you like it. We’ve come a long way from Freshmen in high school. We’re two albums in and we’re ready for more. We thank all of our past members, special help, and fans for everything you’ve given us. We appreciate it immensely.

If you wanna check out our music and learn more about our band, go ahead and click on the “music” tab at the top!

If you just wanna say hi, you can contact us at



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